How to Get More Online Appointment Scheduling Requests

Online appointment scheduling is rather convenient not only for clients of a business but also for their owners. Having a scheduling software on your website allows you to sell your services online rather than having customers to submit a request or call. It can help you make your time-management efficient, create new ways of attracting customers and provide added value to existing customers. Now to get more appointment requests on your website you have to take certain steps – the following 5 we find most useful.

flexbooker online appointment scheduling software

Online Appointment Scheduling Software

First thing you have to do is, of course, install an online scheduling software on your website. Usually it does not require technical knowledge and is pretty easy to set up. This small but powerful widget makes schedule management easy by letting you decide what appointment types and times to make available for online booking. With built-in analytics you will be able to see which services and time slots are on high demand and adjust your offerings accordingly. And it can even manage waitlists for the sold out time slots and services. The software extension will also be sending SMS and e-mails confirmations and notifications to your customers.

waitlist management with flexbooker online appointment scheduling

“Happy Hour” Promotions

Every business has certain time slots that get significantly less traffic. Flexbooker’s Client Management feature will run a report to help you identify those time slots. Now, to fill them in you could set up discounts, something like a happy hour, using your online scheduling software. Color-code the schedule to draw attention to these certain time slots. It will encourage more online appointment scheduling requests.

Early Bird Offers

Next thing you can do is generate advance booking discounts. It is a fairly popular practice that businesses implement in order to fill in their schedule ahead of time. Setting up special offers is another great idea. Analyze for which days the foot traffic could be very low and use a special offer to boost your bookings. Not only will your permanent customers book those time slots but they will also be more keen on recommending your service to their friends and family.

flexbooker online appointment scheduling calendar

Promo Codes

Flexbooker’s Client Managements feature can answer your question of which customers book the most. Having determined your loyal customers you can now decide what promo codes to send them via e-mail or SMS. This can serve as a nice gesture to appreciate your loyal customers. It will give them yet another reason to come back and choose your services over competitors.

Online Only Specials

Holidays are always a great time to launch some online only special offers for all. Now Valentine’s day is coming up and if you are, for instance, a spa business you could offer a spa day “2 for 1” for your customers. This will attract many new clients who could have a potential of becoming your loyal customers once they actually try the service for themselves. Whatever your small business is, you can think of a way to make this idea work for you.

This sums up our 5 ideas for getting more online appointment scheduling requests. Use them wisely, analyse the data provided to you by your scheduling software and derive useful insights to grow your small business online.