How to Get the Most Out of Your Mechanic Booking System

As a mechanic, you may tend to notice that your services are in high demand. You may face days where you are overworked, overbooked, and overwhelmed. There are ways in which you can keep yourself more organized. Something as simple as a booking tool can already make great changes in your day to day activities.  With an organized schedule, you will be less likely to exhaust yourself completely. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get the most out of a mechanic booking system. Let’s begin.

mechanic booking system

Color Coordinate

Your mechanic booking system will give you the option to color coordinate your schedule. You can assign a specific color to a certain type of appointment. Color coordinating is great because it makes it easier to remember things when you associate them with a color. This way, when you look at your schedule, you will immediately know what appointment types you have within the day or week. Maintaining organization is key to running a successful business. The tools are at your disposal.

Tailor Your Working Hours

The good part about a mechanic booking system is that you get to decide when you work and when you don’t. Plan out a schedule that gives you enough time to do a substantial amount of work, but also keep in mind that overworking can take a toll on you and your business. Regardless if you work night shifts or day shifts, make sure your overall day is balanced. As soon as an appointment is booked, your system will not allow another person to book the same slot. This will allow you to evenly spread out your customers.

Make Use of System Reporting

A good mechanic booking system will send you two types of reports- daily and monthly. Your daily reports will be sent in the morning, with a quick snapshot of what your day is going to look like. This includes all of your booked appointments, as well as any appointments that have been canceled within the last 24 hours. Your monthly reports are more detailed and contain valuable information about your business activities. You will be able to see your most popular appointment type, your busiest hours, busiest days, etc. All this information can be later used to come up with new and original marketing plans, sales initiatives, etc.

Install Online Payment Option

Definitely make use of the online payment option in your system. You will be able to take credit card payments for your services, as well as authorizes fees on clients who cancel last minute. Many people like the simplicity of online payments, and it will also help you organize and maintain your finances.

In this blog post, we discussed how to use a mechanic booking system to its full potential. You should make use of the valuable tools it offers. This includes color coordination, custom layout/planning, daily and monthly reporting, as well as the online payment option. As soon as you install the system, you will notice what a big difference it makes in your work life.

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