Flexbooker Online Appointment Scheduling Software Benefits

An online appointment scheduling software is a great tool for your business, regardless if you run a barbershop, auto repair center, dental clinic, etc. With this tool, you can drastically increase your efficiency and productivity. There are various options available on the market. When choosing a platform, make sure it gives you all the necessary means to reach your business objectives. In this blog post, we will discuss the various benefits of Flexbooker – a very reliable scheduling system. Let’s get right to it.

online appointment scheduling software

30-Day Free Trial

The Flexbooker online appointment scheduling software offers an initial 30-day trial period. You can register without providing any credit card information. Within those 30 days, you will be able to experience everything Flexbooker has to offer. Once your trial is done, you will be asked to chose one of 4 plans that Flexbooker offers. You won’t have any issues choosing a plan, as they are very versatile and suit different budgets and needs.

Schedule Management

Easily managing a schedule is what you would hope to get out of a good online appointment scheduling software. Flexbooker makes schedule managing fun and easy. You have complete freedom as to what you want your schedule to look like, the layout, working hours, etc. You even have the option to color coordinate your calendar. This will make it easier to quickly differentiate appointment type, for example.  

Automation Features

Flexbooker offers various automation options regarding small day-to-day activities. As an example, you can automate reminder messages to your clients. Simply write up a default reminder message that will be sent out upon a client’s appointment. This will remind them that they have booked at this time on this day. This feature will save you some time, and also reduce the number of no-shows.

Online Payment Possibility

Flexbooker gives you the option to receive payments online. You can authorize your online appointment scheduling software to take payments when a customer books. You can also authorize your system to charge no-show fees on customers who fail to make it to their appointments without canceling.  

Daily Reporting System

One of the biggest benefits of Flexbooker is that it sends out daily and monthly reports. Your daily reports will show you the bookings you have for the day, as well as any cancellation that has been made 24 hours prior to the appointment. This report will be sent in the morning, daily, at the same exact time. Your monthly reports, on the other hand, are much more detailed. These will give a good summary of your month and how you have been performing. This information is key, whether you’re trying to better your practice or solve some shortcomings.

In this blog post, we discussed the benefits of Flexbooker, an online appointment scheduling software. With a 30-day free trial, you will get to play around with all the tools the software has to offer. These include automation features, customization, online payment authorization, and much more. In the end, make sure the platform you choose adds value to your business. This is guaranteed with Flexbooker.

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