Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Small Businesses

When starting to search for an online booking tool, you should not only look at the price but also at what the tool can provide you with. There are many free online appointment scheduling tools on the market.  But not all types of those can be considered useful. Free tools are always more limited than paid versions. That is why it’s important not to expect much from them and stay as objective as possible. In this blog post we will look into two types of free online booking solutions. We will try to help you figure out which one of those you need.

free online appointment scheduling

Free Trial

The first type of an online scheduling tool is one with a free limited trial. It is much more common and allows you to test the product for a certain period of time before purchasing it. This will let you decide whether or not a certain tool is worth the investment. You will be able to check if its features are useful to you and help you grow your sales.

Features that are usually present in this type of booking tools are as follows.

– Calendar integrations

– Unlimited automated reminders via SMS and email

– Secure online payments

– Customization

– Data report

All of those contribute greatly to the smooth and fast development of your business. They also require little to no manual work, allowing you to spend your saved time on other more productive actions.

Free trials save you money and effort on product fool of great useful features and create a win-win situation for you. If you don’t like it, you can sign off as soon as you want with no problems and if you do like the tool you can upgrade instantly or after the trial period.

Forever Free

The forever free online appointment scheduling tools are most of the time very limited and sometimes can even hurt you more than help you. For instance, free tools usually offer a certain number of bookings for a month. Once these bookings are finished up, the tool stops offering scheduling services and those of your customers who made use of it remain with empty hands, so to speak. Those customers’ expectations of easy bookings are not met and that may lead them to stop using your services.

Forever free online bookings can be even substituted with such a basic thing as Google forms. Those leave a lot of manual work for you, sometimes even such work that is impossible to do physically with your current staff. Of course, more people can be hired but that will simply be nonsensically expensive for your business.

This sums up our thoughts on which of free types of online scheduling systems is worth your effort. To us, the free trial types take the crown. It gives you the opportunity to explore a great product, get to know its features and how they affect your business’ development. They also don’t limit crucial attributes of an online booking software.