Finding the Best Free Online Scheduling Tool

Once you decide on using a free online scheduling tool for your small business you should keep in mind that finding the right one requires effort. Searching for a good free tool might not be a good idea in the first place. They are rather limiting and can end up costing you money in sales. Anyhow, in this blog post we will be talking about what you should do before settling for a free online booking tool. Let’s dive into the subject.

free online scheduling tool

Don’t Expect a High Quality Tool

Free scheduling tools are rather limiting in comparison to paid ones in many aspects. For one, they can schedule only a certain number of bookings. This can be a big problem for you if the sales grow – clients will get deprived of their online scheduling experience and consequently might change their mind about using your services.

Another important thing that works badly in a free online scheduling tool is tech support. Either it’s not free (can even cost more than a monthly price of a paid tool subscription) or it doesn’t work promptly and can cause you lots of problems that will cost you clients.

Look Out For Promising Startups

Newly founded companies can be goldmines sometimes. They are usually less pricey and offer great services, but struggle with marketing their product. Most of them offer free trials for people to see if they like the product. Search for those that do not ask your credit card information, so in case you don’t like the product there is no trouble when the free trial ends. Give young online scheduling tools a try, they are small businesses that are determined to make their tool run as smoothly as possible for their clients.

Search For Deals and Promos

Paid services do not have to be expensive. They can cost less than a free tool that might drive away your customers. Especially so if you find any deals online. There are even tools that you can use for catching a promo code, such as Honey. You might end up getting a big discount that will incline you to use a paid online booking tool.

Ask for a Longer Free Trial

Another thing you can do is contact the sales reps of the paid service you like the most and see if you can prolong your free trial. This will help you in case you need more time to understand if the tool is worth the money and if it suits your small business needs. Not to mention, it will save you a little money. And in a small business, a little can go a long way.

So before settling for a free online scheduling tool, ask yourself if it’s possible to set aside some money for a paid service instead. Use our 4 tips, too. Remember that startups can be the most affordable and flexible, as well as offer a very good service quality. So do take your time and choose an online booking tool wisely.