Online Appointment Booking After GDPR

The GDPR is a privacy regulation integrated by the European Union that gives customers more control over their personal data. It changes a few things for businesses, including one of an online appointment booking system. You as a business manager will be the one that has to comply with the regulation, not the customer. That is why you have to know first what exactly will change for you after GDPR. In this blog post, we will discuss this topic further. Let’s dive in.

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How Much Does a Good Online Booking System Cost?

A really good online booking system does not come free. A lot of effort and time goes into the creation of this tool. And that effort costs money. Prices of a well-made online scheduling software vary and depend on a few factors. We will talk about the average normal price for a good solution and what you will get for it exactly. Let’s dive into the subject.

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How to Get New Customers with Nail Salon Software

Attracting new customers to your nail salon can require some extra software integration. Competition in this industry is fierce and you always need to be on top of the new innovative ways of acquiring more clients. In this blog post we will talk about how you can use a salon software best in order to get those customers you want. So let’s get into the subject.

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4 Online Scheduling Software Tricks to Save Hours of Time

An online scheduling software is a tool the sole purpose of which is to save you time on monotonous manual tasks. What it can obviously save time on is the scheduling. But that is far from being it. In this blog post we will talk about what tricks you can take advantage of in order to easier spend less time on some tasks or simply take them out of the list completely. So let’s dive into the subject deeper.

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3 Benefits of Using Web-Based Salon Software

Salons are one of those businesses that deal with client bookings every day. If a salon decides to do that manually it can be sure the workload will be huge and time-consuming. What it can do is get a web-based salon software for online scheduling that will take care of the bookings. That is not the only tool suitable for salons though. Accounting software, social media management platform are both very useful and better in a web-based version, too. Why do you think web-based versions stand out? We will discuss it in this blog post and point out 3 reasons for that. Let’s dive in.

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