Best Practices For a Killer Photographer Website

A photographer website is the number one place to sell your services and connect with potential customers. This means you need to pay special attention to the way it looks and works. People judge you by your looks first. So a potential photographer has to be able to present his brand in an appealing and intuitive way. Read on the practices we find the most useful to make the best out of your photographer website.

photographer website

Website Design Matters

Nowadays there are plenty of website templates available to choose from. Free choices exist, but investing into a good template, available from Squarespace or WordPress, for instance, would save you a lot of time and energy, as well as produce much better results. This kind of templates have big variety of great designs and are well-tested on all types of screens, which is exactly what you need for a photographer website.

Choose Content Wisely

Your potential customers will be most interested in the photos you display on your website. You will need to select a niche theme for the photographs you find the best to put on the website and go from there. Research your audience, targeting the type of customers you think will let your business grow more. Once you do, advertise to them and publish content according to their interests. Make sure to showcase your best work in every niche.

Photographer Online Booking Software

You want to make your website not only run as smoothly as possible but also generate revenue, right? In order to do that you need to consider installing a simple photographer online booking software on your website. It will allow you to accept online appointment requests and photography service bookings 24/7. You will be able to display your services, your available time slots, prices and even let people pay for the service online. A photography booking system will help you speed up new customer acquisition even while sleeping.

Start Blogging

Another way to make your website attractive and interesting is to start publishing interesting mini-articles on anything related to photography. You can think around this idea and start drafting photo tips and tricks ideas to write about or maybe tell a story about an interesting photoshoot. This will create a connection between you and your potential customers – something very important in building a long-lasting customer loyalty.

Contact Me page

Always make it easy for your potential customers to contact you. It can be a separate page with all the information needed or some other very noticeable place. Make sure to mention where you live/where you are able to provide your services – location is important in photography services. You can also think on adding a link to your photography booking system in this section, too.

This concludes our 5 great practices to integrate into your photographer website. Think around each of the ideas, tailor them to your taste, use them wisely and you will see how your photography business grow.