Best Auto Repair Scheduling Software For Small Businesses

There are a number of auto repair scheduling software offers on the market but Flexbooker takes the crown for the best online scheduling tool. In this blog post we will be listing all the reasons why it is exactly so for your auto repair salon. So let’s dive in and see.

auto repair scheduling software

Easy Schedule Management

With Flexbooker auto repair scheduling software you can decide exactly what auto repair service types and times to make available for online scheduling. This will allow you to know your schedule at all times, tweak it and update it whenever the need arises. You will have your schedule management optimized and simple to work with. Saving you time and effort and allowing you to channel it into some more useful things instead.

You will also be provided with a daily recap for Flexbooker every morning in order for you to be aware of all your bookings and cancellations from the last 24 hours.

Online Payments

FlexBooker allows you to easily take online credit card payments for your services. You can choose to let the client pay at the time he makes an auto repair appointment. Or simply authorize the credit card for a no-show fee in case the client doesn’t show up. We have to point out, though those clients that go as far as paying for a service beforehand are very rarely keen on canceling.

With Flexbooker you can also apply any prices across your whole schedule or customize them for specific times or appointment types. This can be used when your report, which we will talk about later, marks the times with least traffic. On those unpopular days you can change the prices and offer your clients a discount or a promo of any kind.

Keeping Track of Essential Metrics

An essential tool for running a successful auto repair business is a reports feature. It will let you analyze how your business is doing, what change your strategy might need in pricing or any other offerings. Metrics are one of the most important factors that drive essential change for a small business like auto repair.

Time Saver

An auto repair scheduling software saves time and effort for your staff, and money – for you. Instead of standing at the phone taking service bookings, listing free times or explaining extra bookings details they could do other more useful things around the auto repair salon.

Flexbooker also creates automated SMS-based wait lists for your customers to be able to add themselves to a waitlist for full appointments. In case a time slot opens up for any reason a text message will be sent to alert them and offer to automatically book that free time.

This concludes our list of some of the most important reasons an auto repair scheduling software is worth implementing into your business strategy. Take this information into account and make an educated decision about the future of your business. Specifically, how you are planning to drive it into that future with a use of innovational software.