Best Alternatives to Free Online Appointment Scheduling

When searching for a good booking tool you will stumble upon many free versions of it and may decide to go for them. There is one thing you have to take into account though – a free online appointment scheduling tool can end up costing you more than the price of a paid version of the tool. The sole purpose of getting an online booking software is in its ability to help you grow your business and take a load off of your shoulders. In this blog post we will talk about 2 alternatives to a free scheduling software. Let’s dive into the subject.

free online appointment scheduling

Free Trial

This alternative to a free online scheduling tool is a free trial of a paid version. It usually comes with all the features of a paid tool allowing you to test the product for a given period of time before making a decision on whether to purchase it or not. It gives you a valuable opportunity to make a smart investment or avoid or a bad one.

The features that become available to you in most free trials are:

– Unlimited automated reminders via SMS and email

– Secure online payments

– Customization

– Monthly data reports

– Waitlists

Free trials save you money, at the same time providing you with useful features that can help you greatly in the development of your business. If you happen to not like it, you can discontinue your trial at any moment. If you think the tool brings your business benefit then simply choose to upgrade from the trial to any plan that suits your needs most.

Paid Tool

A paid online scheduling software is a safer, better executed and supported alternative to its free version. It’s not an easy process to create such a solid tool and that is why it comes at a price. Most free online appointment scheduling solutions use ads to earn money and that changes the whole look of the tool, making it look cheap and not like a part of your website. Paid ones, on the other hand, even offer customization so that your online booking tool fits in perfectly. This is where a free software can cost you customers and, thus, money – much more than a subscription to a paid plan.

Besides that, a paid solution offers very useful features, like a monthly data report, that can give you valuable insights on how your business is doing in terms of bookings, what problems it has and what it can change. This can help you develop your business thoughtfully and with a lesser risk of errors.

Utilizing the features also requires little to no manual work, allowing you to spend your time on other more benefit-brining actions.

This concludes our 2 best alternatives to a free online appointment scheduling software. Consider both before going for a free tool as it can end up not only saving you money but also growing your profits and making your business run steadily.

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