Why You Should Use a Waitlist App at Your Barbershop

During the holidays, barbershops are likely to be busier than normal. While this year will certainly be different, chances are many people will still want to spiff up for the holidays. People anticipate seeing more family, friends, and acquaintances than usual. Whether it be through holiday shopping, virtual holiday parties, or Zoom family get togethers, we’ll likely be more social in the coming month.

Knowing barbershops are likely to get busy, using easy scheduling and wait list software will be important. Especially with extra distancing standards this year. Find out how FlexBooker Pro can strengthen your barbershop’s sales and reviews.


Enhance capacity tracking

Any barber will tell you that there are too many moving parts to their job to want to focus on their waiting room. But right now, with capacity limits and distancing requirements, it’s become a crucial aspect of the job. Rather than wasting an employee’s valuable time, use nifty software to do the work for you.

With FlexBooker Pro you can easily track the number of people in your shop at any given time. Simply click when someone enters or leaves, and you’ll have an automated store count on your screen at all times.

Improve customer experience

The customers’ experience is of great importance to the success of a business. Use barbershop wait list software to improve your services. Sign customers up (or let them sign themselves up) for FlexBooker Pro’s wait list, and it provides an automated wait time estimate, so customers know what to expect from the beginning. Plus, an estimated time based on statistics in the system will likely be much more accurate than your quick guess.

Once your customer has their wait estimate, give them freedom to wander elsewhere. Bet they’ll be pretty pleased if they get their holiday errands done while they wait for their haircut. You can even ping them through the platform when it’s almost their turn – talk about convenience! FlexBooker Pro also monitors how long each person has been waiting, in case you want to shift customers around to reduce their wait time.

Allow appointments and make room for walk-ins

Maximize your availability by allowing pre-booked appointments as well as walk-ins. Choose how many appointment slots you want and how much availability you want to reserve for walk-ins. FlexBooker and FlexBooker Pro work together, permitting you to see your upcoming appointments, alongside your current wait list. This dual system displays the perfect snapshot of your barbershop capacity at any given time. You know when you’re able to accept walk-ins, or when you’re booked and should direct customers to make appointments. If you’re booked and can’t add anyone else to the wait list, simply create new reservations right in the app.

Self-service for your customers 

Today’s typical tech-savvy consumer desires convenience, speed, and self-service. Give customers the freedom to book their own appointments, or add themselves to your wait list. In 5 quick minutes you can add appointment booking and wait list options to your website. This will save you time, as well as please your customer. With FlexBooker Pro customers can even check the current wait time online, allowing them full flexibility to join the wait list from the convenience of their home, or book an appointment for tomorrow.

FlexBooker saves you time and money. Over 9 million agree. 

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