How to Improve Customer Loyalty for Your Auto Mechanic Business

For auto mechanic shops, customer loyalty can be the difference between a thriving business and a failing business. With so many options to choose from, drivers can (and will) shop around until they find a mechanic that checks all their boxes. What if there’s a way to get them to come to you — and only you?

Investing in customer loyalty goes hand-in-hand with customer retention, which pays off in big ways. Returning customers are five times more likely to purchase from you again, and they’ll spend 67% more than new customers. And yes, they’re even willing to pay more for added convenience and customer service.

Here, we’re sharing a few simple ways you can boost customer loyalty for your auto business, including FlexBooker’s scheduling software that’s sure to streamline customers’ overall experience.

Create a loyalty or rewards program

One of the best ways to improve customer loyalty? Create a program that actually gives customers a reason to come back. Tons of businesses have found success with this tactic — coffee shops, delis, grocery stores, and even major chains like Target. 84% of loyalty program members actually follow through with redeeming their incentive. 

There are a lot of creative ways to build a loyalty program for your auto repair shop, including ideas like:

  • Points program: Customers earn so many points based on their services or money spent. After they reach a certain number of points, you can offer them a free product or service, or a specific dollar amount off of their total cost.
  • Oil change ‘punch card’: Once customers fulfill a certain number of oil changes, let their next one be free!
  • Membership emails: Include your loyalty members in ‘exclusive’ emails, letting them be the first to know about promotions and discounts.
  • Free tune-up services: Reward customers as soon as they sign up for your program by offering a free tune-up service on-the-spot or the next time they come into your shop.

Offer workshops and classes

Beyond routine services like oil changes and tune-ups, it can be tough for auto repair shops to count on consistent customer loyalty. That’s because you can’t really predict when you’ll see a customer next and what repairs they’ll need. One solution? Get them in the door by offering auto repair workshops and classes, like:

  • General Maintenance: Educate drivers on the basic functions of their vehicle and how to maintain it — like how often you should get oil changes, which fluids you should check regularly, and how to keep an eye on things like the battery, belts, and filters.
  • How to Buy or Trade a Vehicle: Partner with a local dealership to teach people what they need to know about buying or trading in a vehicle.
  • Auto Repair Shop 101: Explain what a career in the auto repair industry is like — from technicians to business owners to schooling.

Offering workshops and classes can also showcase transparency, an interest in the local community, and your own knowledge and skills — giving you unique leverage against the competition. Another perk? This type of content is extremely valuable for digital platforms like your website and social media.

Ask for their feedback

Convincing customers to become loyal to your business often starts with you showing loyalty to them. By that, we mean going directly to them and asking how you did, what’s working, what’s not working, and how you can improve. Seeking out their feedback, taking the time to listen, and implementing small changes show how much you genuinely value customers’ business.

Use automated scheduling software

While you can’t change the time it takes to finish repairs, you can reduce long wait times and frustrating experiences for customers. FlexBooker’s automated scheduling software allows customers to schedule their own appointments at their own convenience. Instead of playing a guessing game with their time (and the time spent without their vehicle), they’ll know exactly when to show up and how long it will take.

Improve customer loyalty with FlexBooker

FlexBooker’s powerful software doesn’t stop at scheduling appointments. You can continue driving customer loyalty with automated features like:

  • Appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups via SMS or email (you can personalize these, too!)
  • Appointment waitlists
  • Online payments or no-show fees
  • Employee schedule management
  • Seamless calendar integrations
  • And much more!

With a simple tool like FlexBooker, you can streamline your services and improve customer loyalty at the same time. And it’s all done without you lifting a finger so you can focus less on the books and more on the repairs.

See for yourself how FlexBooker can help your auto mechanic business. Take a test drive today with a free demo!

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