Announcing Our Wait List App, Flexbooker Pro

Dealing with lines of people waiting to get into your store can be a full-time job in itself. It’s easy to have something get lost in the shuffle, between recording their information, estimating wait times, and remembering the order of arrival. If you find yourself struggling to manage the wait list for your small business, gym, office, or DMV, it may be time to get a wait list app for your business. 

Flexbooker is excited to announce our new wait list app, Flexbooker Pro, designed to simplify managing arrivals at your business. Track the number of parties, see how close your business is to capacity, and even set up the option for advanced reservations – better manage traffic at your company with Flexbooker Pro. 

Wait List Management With Flexbooker Pro

Set Up Your Wait List App in Minutes

Flexbooker Pro makes it a breeze to set up a wait list for your business. Once setting your business’ capacity and telling us how long the customer usually spends in your store, you’re ready to go! If you want to accept advanced reservations, you can easily do that as well – indicate the times you’re open for reservations and how many reservations you would like per time slot, and our app will do the rest. 

Customers can book the day and time they would like to come into your business, and they’ll receive text or email reminders before their scheduled time to reduce no-shows. The reservation and wait list features can be integrated with your current website, allowing customers to visit your site, see how long the current wait is, and add themself to the wait list or choose to book a future appointment. 

Manage Your Wait List and Track Capacity

Worried about hitting capacity in your store to stay within social distancing guidelines? No more counting heads – FlexbookerPro will track the number of people in your store, factoring in any upcoming reservations, and let you know if you’re getting close to capacity. 

With the Flexbooker Pro wait list app, you can save party names, numbers, and any additional information that may be helpful. The app lets you know how long each party has been waiting, and allows you to easily send a text when you’re ready for them. 

Managing a wait list can be a logistical nightmare, but Flexbooker Pro will streamline the process for your business and help you offer great service to your customers.   Learn more about our wait list app, schedule a demo, or start your 14-day free trial today!


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