7 Benefits of a Tee-Time Scheduling Software

With golf season in full swing, courses and clubs are busier than ever managing their business. From scheduling (and rescheduling) tee times to payroll and employee management, business owners have a lot on their plate. Unfortunately, that leaves little time to focus on tasks that need more attention. 

Using a robust, automated scheduling software like Flexbooker can help take some of the burden of managing customers off your plate. Here are seven benefits to using a tee-time scheduling software — helping you better manage tee-times, cut down on no-shows, and claim your valuable time back.

tee time scheduling software

1. Easily add it to your website 

The first thing to iron out with tee-time scheduling software is actually getting it up and running on your website. You don’t have to resort to complicated coding or hacking your backend to get your course’s schedule up and running. Widgets can be installed on any website in a matter of seconds — and it will do the rest of the work for you. If you don’t want it on your website (or don’t have one), you can also create a customized landing page golfers can get to from anywhere.

2. Let guests book their own tee-times

Gone are the hours upon hours spent answering phone calls, managing complicated schedules, and making last-minute changes to reservations. With Flexbooker, golfers schedule tee-times themselves. Even better, they can add their reservation to whatever online calendar they use — Apple, Google, Outlook, and more.

3. Take online payments

All that free time you’ll get back by ditching phone calls? Double that. Tee-time scheduling software makes payments incredibly seamless for both you and customers. You can even customize it to have golfers pay when they schedule their tee-time or simply authorize their card in case they’re a no-show. 

4. Send clients automated reminders

Speaking of no-shows, Flexbooker’s automated scheduling software has all the power to ensure that doesn’t happen. With confirmation and reminder texts (or emails!), golfers will know exactly when to pack up their clubs and hit the green. The best part? Each reminder message is fully customizable, so that you can integrate your own brand’s voice and tone.

5. Create automated waitlists

If you’re consistently turning golfers away because you’re overbooked, embrace the magic that is automated waitlists. Customers can add themselves to the list, and if someone happens to change or cancel their game, they’ll automatically get a quick text to let them know a spot has opened up. Once again, you don’t have to do a thing — all while your schedule stays completely full.

6. Manage any change of plans 

People get busy, plans change, and life happens. Just as golfers can book their own tee-times, they can also modify or cancel them on their own, too. No need to manage or field those last-minute changes – Flexbooker will handle it for you. 

7. Get your (tee) time back

With Flexbooker as your sidekick, you get more time back in your every day to do what you do best: growing and cultivating your business. Instead of spending grueling hours on schedule management, you can focus on other important goals and tasks to grow your business. 

Stay on course with FlexBooker’s powerful scheduling software

As if the above benefits of tee-time scheduling software aren’t enough, here are some additional benefits of using FlexBooker:


  • Client metrics tracking, like which customers book the most and who’s your most productive employee
  • Employee schedule management
  • A daily recap of all bookings and cancellations


While we can’t guarantee a hole-in-one-performance on the golf course, FlexBooker will help keep your tee-times on par. Ready to experience all of our features first-hand? Schedule a demo or try it free for 14 days to make sure it’s the right fit for you and your business.

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