6 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress for Employees

When it comes to our leading causes of stress, 46% of it is from our workload. That’s higher than any other leading cause of stress. And given the added turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest throughout our country, we’d venture to guess those stress levels are even higher right now.

So, how do you help your employees navigate all of this? It’s natural to feel overwhelmed or helpless, but there are still ways you can directly help them — even if you can’t help what’s happening outside your small business. That’s why Flexbooker is sharing six simple ways to help reduce workplace stress for employees.

1. Create a supportive environment

First thing’s first: Let your employees know they’re supported and cared for at work. Everyone takes on and handles stress in different ways, and they’ll feel better knowing they can feel safe and supported by their employer. You can do things like:


  • Acknowledge their stress
  • Show appreciation (in a group setting or individually)
  • Offer personal support and confidence (if you’re able to take that on)
  • Encourage open and safe communication among co-workers


Keep in mind that cultivating the environment and culture of your business starts by setting an example yourself. As a leader, your employees will look to you for guidance and support — whether it’s personal or professional. By setting a strong example from the beginning, you’ll help cultivate those same ideas throughout your entire business.

2. Help them set (and reach) their goals

Because a lot of us spend so much time at work, it often has us questioning, ‘What’s all this for?’ When you add workplace and outside stressors to that, it’s easy for employees to lose sight of what they’re working towards or why they’re working towards it. If you haven’t already, sit down with them to outline some professional goals. Together, come up with a plan as to how they’ll achieve those goals, set clear expectations, and define how you’ll support them along the way. 

3. Encourage mental and physical health

Our health — whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional — directly impacts our productivity. It can determine how easily we move around on the job, how we engage with co-workers and clients, and how we react and respond to stressful situations. Encourage your employees to take care of their health by:


  • Offering coverage for health benefits and counseling services
  • Creating health incentives like an employee wellness plan
  • Hosting challenges (like a step count contest)
  • Allowing and encouraging paid time off and personal days
  • Letting employees take breaks (outside of mandatory ones)
  • Creating or outsourcing a health seminar, webinar, or training for employees


It may seem counter-productive to encourage your employees to step away from their jobs, but giving them time off actually helps avoid burnout and improves overall happiness among workers.

Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress for Employees


4. Give them flexibility

No matter their reason for needing to come in late, leave early, or take the entire day off, remaining flexible with your employees’ schedules can be a huge relief to them. But that doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your entire schedule. Simply use FlexBooker’s employee schedule manager. It quickly helps you find open shifts on your calendar so your team can secure the hours they want or take the time off they need.

5. Invest in helpful tools

If you or your employees perform tasks that can easily be automated, that can add a lot of pressure to your day. Not to mention, it takes up valuable time that can be spent growing your business or investing in clients. Seek out and invest in tools that do the work for you — like Flexbooker Scheduling Software — so you and your employees put your focus elsewhere. 

6. Don’t forget about yourself

Managing a small business and employees is no easy feat. It’s easy to keep your focus entirely outward, but that can quickly become catastrophic for your own physical and mental health. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too, so you can continue taking care of your business and employees. Remember what we said about setting an example? This is no exception.  

Turn to Flexbooker for additional help

To cut down on the stress of managing schedules, turn to FlexBooker. Our scheduling software does so much for you and your business, including:


  • Automated schedule management
  • Calendar integration
  • SMS and email appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-up messages
  • Real-time calendar modifications and cancellations
  • Online payments
  • and much more!

Check out our entire list of features to see how Flexbooker (and the rest of these tips) can help you reduce workplace stress for your employees — and for yourself.

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