5 New Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas For Small Business

Valentine’s day is a great reason for creating promotions that will drive up your sales. There are many ways you can share the love but in this article we are going to highlight the 5 valentine’s day promotion ideas for small business that we find the most practical. Tune in.

valentine's day promotion ideas for small business

Show Your Love to a Good Cause

Think about donating money or goods from your Valentine’s day sales to a cause that is either related to the small business you are running or is a particularly important cause at the time. You could, for instance, run a ‘buy one, give one to charity’ campaign or share a percentage of your sales with a charity. Customers will now have one more reason to buy your product -to make someone in need happy.

“We Miss You” Promotion

Valentine’s day is a good day to reach out to your inactive customers via email, for instance. You could customize a special message to remind customers that they are still at the core of your attention. Create a special offer for them to feel like they have something to come back to. Talk about the positive changes you have made since their last purchase or appointment. Be concise and make sure they feel your love and care.

The LOVEly Gift Card

On Valentine’s day for those of your customers who think that gift cards are the way to go, promote gift cards at different price points. You could do this on social media platforms of your small business. Make sure to do some research on who your target audience is beforehand. Build on this idea by, for example, looking into what your competitors are doing and take it to another level.

Create a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

People love to present special gifts. Lead your customers to the perfect Valentine’s day gift by designing interesting gift guides for distinct groups of people – analyze who these people could be. Make sure to include top best-selling services or products. Additionally, think about pairing them up with some of the less popular ones. Gift bundles are one of the greatest valentine’s day promotion ideas for small business. 

Hold a Valentine’s Day Event

For your most loyal customers throw a special Valentine’s day event. Treat them to food, drinks, dancing and special little gifts. An event is the perfect way to gather people who love your product or service and show them your appreciation. In the end, you have to leverage the loyalty of your customers in order to gain their trust and build a desire to promote your small business. You can also take advantage of the situation and give them exclusive access to your new product ideas.

This list sums up the 5 Valentine’s day promotion ideas for small business you could implement into your marketing action plan. Although it is a day to show appreciation for loved ones, you can still channel the Valentine’s feeling through your business. Do not be afraid to try something new and always track and measure.