5 Killer Digital Tools Every Small Business Must Use

Internet is full of apps and digital tools a small business might need but the search for the ones that suit you just right can be too time and energy consuming. In this article we will list the categories we reckon to be of most importance and the apps we find the best in their given categories. Let’s dive in.

digital tools small businesses must use

Email Marketing – MailChimp

Mailchimp provides marketing automation services for businesses and individuals, including blast e-mails, newsletters and drip email campaigns. It’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month which is quite the number for a small business. This helpful digital tool will not only let you send emails but also collect statistics which you can apply to improving your performance.

Social Media Scheduling Tool – Buffer

Buffer is one of the best digital tools on the market that offers free and paid plans. Incredibly easy to use, it lets you control all your social media accounts from one place. Schedule your posts on those platforms for the times that you find the most suitable for your social media activity.  It also allows small businesses to analyze their social media activity in a sinle dashboard. This makes the whole experience even more practical.

Online Booking – Flexbooker

This online booking software is a great addition to the group of most useful digital tools you can find for your small business. It offers easy schedule management, client management and lets your website collect bookings 24/7. Flexbooker lets you take online payments for the bookings as well which makes it stand out from the competition. Having such a small business digital tool will also let you analyze which of your hours get least traffic, what services are most popular, etc, allowing you to grow your business efficiently.

Team Messaging – Slack

Slack is a cloud based messaging tool that brings all your communication together with real-time messaging and archiving. The archive is easily searchable and accessible through the powerful search they provide. Slack has a lot of integration solutions with other apps and keep adding more as well as great features that they don’t fail to integrate into the app. Overall, it’s an extremely intuitive small business tool that can also be acquired for free for an unlimited time.

Video Conferencing – Blizz

Blizz is a great new video conferencing app by Teamviewer that your team can use in order to reach each other easily. Staying in contact with your team-mates and clients through a reliable, simple and secure app is crucial for an efficiently working small business. Pricing is of key importance, too. Blizz has the best pricing options in relation to quality, in our opinion. They also offer a free trial, so do give it a look and decide if it suits your needs.

This sums up the 5 small business digital tools we find the most useful. Explore their features, find the ones that you prefer the best and use them wisely to your advantage.

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