5 Benefits of a Barbershop Online Booking System

There are ways to make your barbershop business run even more efficiently and getting a barbershop online booking system is definitely one of them. Now we are going to list 5 greatest benefits you would get from such a system.

barbershop online booking system


Always Available

Think about the days your barbershop was closed. Now think about how many clients wanted to call you on that day to register for a future appointment. They probably couldn’t reach you and then never called back. Preventing such events becomes easy with a barbershop online booking system. You will be available 24/7 for any desired booking. Real-time availability, via an intuitive and simple tool, will increase the number of your barbershop online bookings.

Fast and Secure Payments

With an online booking system you can let your customers pay for the service you provide when registering. If you decide to make a special offer for your online customers this could be easily advertised on your website. Another thing to keep in mind is that customers who have already paid for their appointment are more reluctant to cancel it. And even if they do the spot gets available instantly. This means it can be filled in from your wait list or with a new reservation.

Valuable Insights

Nowadays collecting data on how your business is doing, what hours get the least foot traffic, what customers get a haircut or a shave at your barbershop most often is extremely important. With an online booking system like Flexbooker, that analyses such data for you, you can tweak your strategy. For instance, offer a discount for the least popular hours or create some special offers for the most loyal customers.

Time Saver

Not only does a barbershop online booking system save your clients’ time but it also saves the valuable time of your staff. They won’t need to spend so much time on the phone making appointments when they could do other more productive things for your barbershop instead. Think about how you can tune that staff member’s potential into something more compelling to them and to you.

A Modern Approach

Keeping up to date is very important in an always-evolving world of business.The more time passes the more improvements become available to clients from your competitors and you have to take certain actions to not simply keep up with them but even move ahead and set trends. With each development customers become more demanding and pay attention to the smallest of details. Having a barbershop online booking system on your website will catch their attention and make them want to use your services again for the simplicity of requesting an appointment.

This sums up the 5 benefits you can get from having a barbershop online booking system. Always think of new ways to make your business grow and experiment.