4 Ways to Use Online Booking Software

You can use online booking software in multiple ways. Besides its main functionality, a good booking system will offer you other features that can be just as helpful and useful. Don’t limit yourself to simple booking. Here, we will discuss how to use certain features to get the most out of your scheduling system. Let’s begin.

online booking software


You should definitely make use of reports the online booking software provides. These can be both daily and monthly. These reports will give you valuable insight into your business. For example, you will get to know your most booked service, best employee, hours worked, etc. This information can be used to plan your business growth.

Let’s elaborate with an example. When you look at your report or reports, you will most likely see certain customers who have been consistently returning to you for your service. Once you have pinpointed this group of people, you should think of ways to make them feel appreciated by you. This could be in the form of a customer loyalty program. Offer discounts or special deal- it is up to you.

Facebook Integration

Make use of Facebook integration options. Through your online booking software, you simply add a “book now” button to your Facebook page. In recent years, advertising on Facebook has become one of the best ways to reach new and current customers. A “book now” button on your Facebook page will allow customers to quickly book an appointment with you, without any difficulty finding your booking page.

Online Payment Option

The option to pay online will be valued by both you and your customer. Upon booking, your customer will leave their credit card information. Your customers will appreciate the ease of paying online because it is fast and easy. For your business, this can be favorable as well. For instance, for the sake of your own business and your own time, you can charge a no-show fee to customers who failed to show up to their appointment. This will somewhat compensate for the time that wasn’t used for anything productive or profitable.  

Customizable Features

A good online booking system should allow you to customize certain features to your preference. Here we will mention a couple of ways you can use this to your advantage. For example, you can insert or delete certain fields that your customers would need to fill out upon making an appointment. You can also easily customize the layout, so it integrates well with your website.

Another customizable feature is the message you send within an automated reminder. On the day of the scheduled appointment, your customer will receive a reminder message, and the content of that message is completely up to you.

In this blog post, we discussed four ways to use online booking software. Your system should be flexible enough for you to use in various ways, and not simply limit it to booking appointments. Reporting, Facebook integration, an online payment option, and customizable features can all give you an edge over your competitors if used correctly.

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