4 Tips for Effective Employee Schedule Management

Small businesses have gone through a lot the past several months as the world continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic, employee scheduling was a bit of a hassle. Today, though, it can be downright stressful. To help you navigate employee scheduling so you can keep your doors open and continue to serve your customers, you need the right tools!

That’s why we’re sharing the best ways to use employee schedule management software to help your business and employees get back (and stay) on track.

Slowly reopen your storefront

If you’re considering reopening your business, employee schedule management software can help you plan ahead. Once you determine the number of customers allowed in your storefront, create appointment-only shopping times so you can bring in the exact amount of employees needed to keep everything running smoothly. That way, you don’t over or underestimate how many workers are necessary — and still provide the highest level of customer service. If your business is already appointment-based, the transition will be that much easier.

Reopen small business with social distancing - open sign

Using an employee scheduling tool can also help you quickly navigate changing regulations and guidelines from state or city officials. If you need to quickly reduce the number of people inside your store, you can change employee schedules much faster, or bring in additional help. With the right tools, you’ll be much more adaptable to this ever-changing situation.

Maintain social distancing

Another reason to monitor the number of employees you schedule on a given day is to help maintain social distancing. Just as customers can pose a health risk to your store, employees can pose one to each other. Staggering schedules or appointment times can help reduce their exposure to customers and each other.


An employee schedule management tool can also help you take into account your different employees’ comfort levels regarding work during a pandemic. If you have an employee who is at higher risk, you’ll have an easier time scheduling them for less high-traffic times. You’ll also be able to make sure that your employees get the number of hours they want, or time off if they’re less comfortable working.

Give employees flexibility

Whether you’re planning to re-open for the first time or expand your current hours, FlexBooker’s schedule manager makes the transition seamless for you and your employees. Maybe some employees aren’t quite ready to come back to work. Perhaps others want to take on more hours. No matter the case, it can be difficult to schedule everyone’s needs and wishes right now.


Take that job off your plate, with FlexBooker’s scheduling software. You can open up shifts through our software and let your employees choose their shifts. Instead of scheduling them yourself, they can voluntarily get the hours they want or take the time off they need — taking the pressure and stress off of you to make those decisions or change things while juggling everything else.

Make management easier with FlexBooker

There’s no question this pandemic has been incredibly stressful for small businesses, but tools like FlexBooker can make management and adapting to change a lot easier. In addition to seamless employee schedule management, our tool also helps you take advantage of features like:


  • Employee productivity metrics
  • Employee time tracking and shift changes
  • Personal calendar integrations
  • Automatic shift reminders
  • And much more!


Want to experience how FlexBooker’s scheduling software can help your small business?Just try it free for 14 days to get started! We even offer free demos for businesses so they can see just how much easier scheduling can be with FlexBooker. 

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