4 Reasons Why a Free Online Appointment Scheduling Tool Is a Bad Idea

There are basically two types of online scheduling software on the market, free and paid ones. The latter type of software is usually very limiting and can sometimes hurt your business and its sales. There are certain key factors that play a big role in the disadvantages of the free online appointment scheduling software. In this blog post we will try to discuss the reasons a free online booking version is not the best idea for any kind of business. Let’s dive in.

free online scheduling software

Quality Leaves Much to be Desired

Free scheduling tools usually limit the number of bookings they can take. What does that mean for your customer? It means they will get used to the service and then once the number is used up they will get deprived of it and be forced to return to the old way of things. This will surely cause inconvenience and make some customers reconsider their loyalty to you as a service business. It is always a bad idea to take something good away from your clients

Lack of Important Features

Paid online booking tool lets you do a lot of things to make your performance better. For one, it collects your bookings data and sends you monthly report on how your service is doing in terms of appointments. This report can help you identify your shortcomings and things to work on as well the opposite so that you know where to channel your effort the most at a given time. A paid version of an online scheduling tool also sends your daily recaps in the morning to save you time on making this list yourself.

No Automated Messaging

Almost no free online appointment scheduling tool sends out automated messages to your clients. Paid ones, on the other hand, do that tedious work for you. They send out automated SMS and email reminders and thus reduce no-shows. And if you need to cancel your whole day the tool send out messages alerting the clients of that. The less of your time is wasted on such things and the more attentive you are to your customers the better.

No Customization

Customizing your online scheduling tool is extremely important for your brand. It has to fit your website well, creating a smooth user experience for your customers. Free online appointment scheduling tools do not offer such an option and give you something general and feel out of place. Your website is the face of your brand and having it look bad will do you no good. Customers judge by looks too often nowadays and you as a business owner have to always keep that in mind.

This sums up our 4 reasons for not using a free online appointment scheduling tool. Take those into consideration and make the right decision of investing in a paid version. Because it will attract more customers, boost your sales and let your business grow. For the best results, we suggest you get a free trial of a paid tool and figure out if it suits your needs.

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