4 Online Scheduling Software Tricks to Save Hours of Time

An online scheduling software is a tool the sole purpose of which is to save you time on monotonous manual tasks. What it can obviously save time on is the scheduling. But that is far from being it. In this blog post we will talk about what tricks you can take advantage of in order to easier spend less time on some tasks or simply take them out of the list completely. So let’s dive into the subject deeper.

online scheduling software

Use Automated Messaging

A good online scheduling software lets you skip the tedious work of messaging your customers by sending them automated SMS and email reminders to reduce no-shows, for one. Or in case you want to cancel a day or an hour, the tool will also alert customers to the change. The only thing you have to do is customize the message if need be and allow the tool to send them to the customers.  

Use Reported Data for Targeted Marketing and Problem Solving

Every month your online booking tool will send you a report with data on your bookings. You will be given analyzed and grouped information about your most loyal customer, for instance. What you can do with it is figure out what kind of customers exactly are your most devoted ones. That you can use in your online marketing and thus drive your sales up.

How can you resolve a problem if the roots of it are unknown to you? The only way is to find the roots. A monthly report will highlight the things you should work on and you will simply need to take according actions.

Read Through Daily Recaps

Every morning before 6 AM you will receive a daily recap of all your bookings and cancellations from the previous 24 hours so that you always have the latest information. The online scheduling software will also send you a handy list of your current bookings for the next week. You will no more to waste time on collecting that information yourself, sometimes even getting error data due to missing cancellations or any other changes.

Make Use of Online Payments

Besides being convenient, online payments are also very easy, fast and secure. An online booking tool can take payments for your bookings from your customers and make their experience with your service even more smooth.

With this feature you can also promote certain time slots, assigning them discounts. This will save you effort and time on attracting customers to your least crowded days our hours.

This concludes our list of 4 most useful online scheduling software tricks that can help you save time on various tasks. The tool can send automated messages for you, provide you with monthly reports information of which you can channel into your digital marketing and solving of business problems. It can also provide you with daily recaps and take online payments for your bookings. This tool is full of useful features and can do a lot for the steady growth of your business.

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