4 Marketing Tips for Small Business Websites

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In the digital area that we live in, websites are the face of a small businesses. That is why they have to be created with great effort, thought and care. There are a number of timeless marketing tips to help small business websites run successfully, but we would like to highlight the following 4. Tune in.

Your Website is for Your Customer

Your customer should feel like they are getting value out of visiting your website at all times. Original content, new offers and deals, news on your small business are some things that could help you reach that goal. Remember that everything on your website has to be user-friendly and easy to browse through. You also want to make sure your website’s URL is concise and reflects the name of your business well – so that when the customer wants to come back he doesn’t have to dig deep into his memory, but recalls the URL easily.

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Engage Your Website Visitors

Think of the ways to engage your customer – publish blog posts, have an administrated forum page where all your customers can discuss the product or service you provide, let them sign-up for your newsletter. Try to use “call to action” buttons to guide customers to desired actions. This is especially important for small business websites. Something like “Get exclusive deals and offers!”, making your customers interested in joining your e-mail list. Once they do join the list, make the best of it and use it to promote your business. E-mail marketing may seem too complex but it does work so take action.

Sell Online

During the past decade the e-commerce and online sales have increased drastically and you, as a small business owner, have to use it to your advantage. If you are, for one, providing a service then you are in need of an online appointment scheduling software to keep up with the clients’ needs. And if you are selling goods then accommodate your merchandise by creating an online store on your website. When it comes to making an online store you have to remember that ​User Interface is crucial to the success of your business endeavour. If your website is ‘easy to follow’ and aesthetically pleasing than customers will be more keen on choosing you as a seller rather than someone else. ​As a seller, though, you will have to handle everything from packaging to delivery and therefore investing correctly into your delivery strategy will prove to increase profit.

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Let Customers Contact You Easily

Make sure your contact information is somewhere customers can easily find. Many businesses focus solely on finding ways to get the customer’s attention. They try to make them visit their small business websites or social media profiles, but forget about what’s next. Customer service quality is extremely important, it shapes your whole business long-term. Creating that “Contact Us” page in an intuitive and appealing manner is a first and extremely important step in the customer care process.

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This sums up our 4 marketing tips for small business websites. Make your customers visit your website again and again, let them feel engaged, respected and valued. Take those steps into consideration and always work on your customer service relentlessly.