3 Ways to Increase Barbershop Online Booking Sales

The barbershop industry is a highly competitive one. This notion alone should push you to find ways to differentiate yourself from your competition and boost your sales. There are definitely many schemes you can implement that will help you achieve this. However, in this blog post, we will specifically focus on how a barbershop online booking system can help you increase your sales. A good booking system will provide you with this necessary tools for you to meet your sales goals, and even go beyond them. Let’s get into it.

barbershop online booking

Special Offers for Your Customers

Look for a barbershop online booking platform that will give you daily and weekly insights. You need to be on top of your schedule and your bookings. This will help you understand how you are performing overall and what you can do to better your performance. Daily and weekly insights will show you what days get booked more and what time slots are the most popular. Having this information will also make you acknowledge the days and time slots that don’t get booked as often. You can definitely come up with numerous ways to boost sales on those slow days as well. Special offers can be one of those ways. For example, if you see that afternoon time slots don’t get booked as often as you’d like them to, you can offer a discount at that time or offer a special promotion. It all depends on what you think is best for your business.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Those daily and weekly insights will also show you who your loyal customer base is. Without a doubt, these are a very important group of people, so do not ignore them and do not take them for granted. Offer your loyal customers something special, something like a customer loyalty program. This will show your special customers that they are important and you care about them. Making a customer loyalty program public knowledge will also create an incentive for others to make use of your services as often as possible, so they can get in as well.

Facebook Integration

A great tool in a barbershop online booking platform is Facebook integration. If you have an active Facebook page and advertise through it quite often, then you should consider adding a “book now” button to your page. When users stumble upon your page, they can quickly book an appointment, without wasting time looking for ways to contact you. A “book now” button will redirect them to your online scheduling platform where they can book an appointment that suits them.

This blog post focused on three key ways you can boost your sales through a barbershop online booking system. A good system should give you the needed tools to realize this objective. Daily and weekly reports will show you gaps in your booking frequency, which you can address through making special offers on specific days or time slots. Customer loyalty programs also go a long way, and so does integrating your scheduling platform with your FB page.  

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