3 Reasons to Upgrade from Free Online Appointment Scheduling to Paid

Free online appointment scheduling tools can be useful at some point. But the more evolved your business gets the more advanced tools it will need to be implemented. You have to make sure your tools do not end up keeping your business from developing and doing it fast. The limits you will encounter in the free tools can do exactly that. There are numerous differences in free and paid online appointment scheduling tools. In this blog post we will talk about the 3 most important ones. Tune in to find out which those and discuss them in more detail.

free online appointment scheduling

Unlimited Bookings

A free tool always has certain restrictions. A limited number of bookings is one of those in free online scheduling tools. What it means is that after a certain number of appointment your clients will make, the tool will simply stop working. Its sole purpose is to take appointments and it will not be able to do that any longer.  This can set you back and cause frustration for customers. They will be expecting the availability of booking your time slot online in an easy and fast way but instead will be met with a lack of that. A paid online appointment scheduling software, on the other hand, does not have such a downside. It will be available for taking bookings at any time.

Professional Service Level

It is no surprise that with an increase in price the service level grows. And by saying service we mean not only technical support of the software but also the features that come with it.  A paid tool provides you with automated alerts for your clients, secure online payment feature, data reports and calendar integrations. All these let you do as little manual work as possible. They also leave a much smaller gap for errors, especially in reports.

Tech support is also extremely important for such a tool as an online booking solution. It needs immediate attention, the lack of which can cost you much more than the paid tool itself.

Custom Branding

Customization is extremely important when it comes to a tool that has to be included on your website. It has to look slick to make it seem like it’s an inseparable part of your business’ website. Branding is the representation of your website and that representation has to always be attractive and simple. Customers pay attention to the smallest of details nowadays and often choose by the looks. You have to make sure your looks are better than those of your competitors, but to do that your tool has to be customizable to start with.

This sums up our three reasons to upgrade from your online appointment scheduling tool to a paid one. The latter will come with an unlimited number of bookings, professional support and features and tool customization. All of those will help your business grow steadily. So do consider switching from your free software to a paid one as it will bring much more benefit to you, financial included.