3 Hidden Traps of a Free Online Scheduling Tool

Online booking solutions can bring a lot of benefit to your business growth, but you need to select a good one for it to do so. Many small businesses go for a free online scheduling tool and do not get the results they hoped for due to some negative factors they have not manage to find out about. A free version of this software has some hidden traps that you need to be aware of and take into account before implementing it. In this blog post we will list these deceptions and explain what harm they can bring. Let’s dive in.

free online scheduling tool

Unwanted Ad Display

Many free online scheduling tool providers are forced to showcase ads on their widget as that is basically their only real source of funding. This will change the way your web page looks to the potential customer. Brand image is extremely important for any business as many people nowadays tend to judge by looks first. Ads make your website look cheaper and less attractive to clients. Some of website visitors might not even begin to consider using your service because of this. Gaining new customers will become very difficult.

Insecure Connection Problems

Security is of top priority for many businesses and it should be. When you are dealing with customers you have to understand that the responsibility of keeping the paying information they give to you is on your hands. Now a free online scheduling tool very often encounters insecure connection problems. This means that your customers data can be compromised and stolen by a third-party. In an unfortunate case this happens it will most likely cost you your business, at the least.

Make sure you avoid even the possibility of it happening by going for a highly secure paid online booking tool. Sure, you will have to pay for it but that’s better than potentially losing your whole business.

Creates a Way for Breaking Your Website

Free online scheduling widgets are not build the best way. Someone can access it and through it find a way to break your website. This can lead to all kinds of problems of course. The most serious one being data loss. The website breakers can get ahold of customers’ personal data as well as payment infos and your business statistics. They can also manipulate the website a certain way that will cause bigger problems and completely ruin your brand image.

Take this into consideration seriously and opt for high security in the first place.

This sums up the 3 hidden traps of a free online scheduling tool. As you may have concluded, free tools are never really free. They cost you the risk of data loss, brand image destruction and the loss of clientele. Take this into account, get some research done and only then make the decision of what cost exactly you are willing to pay.

Online scheduling tools are full of useful features and can help you grow your small business, you just have to choose the right one.

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