3 Drawbacks of Free Online Appointment Scheduling Tools

While free online appointment scheduling tools can sound appealing some may just end up being counter-productive. Before you opt for a free online booking service, make sure you are informed of all the drawbacks. In this blog post we will walk you through some of the downsides of using a free booking software. Let’s dive in.

free online appointment schedulin


Limited number of bookings

Free online scheduling tools often times have a limited number of bookings available for your customers to make in a month. This defies the sole purpose of having an online booking software in the first place. After a certain number of bookings you will stop being able to provide online scheduling services for your customers altogether. Certainly no one intends to run a small business this way. For an efficient online scheduling process you need to choose a software that is within your budget constraint. As well as one that provides you with all the necessary features. Having a well thought out booking system will prevent you from running out of booking quota and finding yourself in a situation where you cannot manage your clients.

Cannot Track Bookings Data

One of the most important online scheduling features is the option to follow your bookings traffic thoroughly. All the data collected is reported to you monthly. In case of using a free online appointment scheduling tool, though, you are not given this valuable information. This means that you will not be able to see your least popular time slots or most loyal customers, for instance. Consequently, no changes to better the situation will be implemented by you. Imagine a scenario: every second Saturday of the month you visibly have a lot of prospective customers trying to book an appointment. To your disadvantage, you do not have the right tool to make a notice of this information. Not only can’t you take notice of it, but you are also deprived of the opportunity to act upon it. This is a weighted loss.

No Promos & Vouchers

Almost all free online appointment scheduling tools do not give you the opportunity to include any special offers on your online booking page. This is also connected to the fact that you have no data report, which means that setting vouchers would be seemingly pointless as you would be simply taking shots in the dark. Giving out promos on specific days can drive your sales, increase traffic and attract new customers.

Referring back to our initial scenario, this is where promos could become a solution, too. As this day is overly-popular and you cannot physically meet the demand you could offer discounts on less busy days of the week. Ultimately driving traffic from one day to another.

An online booking software can make or break the efficiency of your business. That is why you need to choose one wisely. Free online appointment scheduling tools lack key features one needs in this kind of software. And they can actually cost you time. We hope our advice will lead you to the right choice.

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