6 Small Business Goals to Set in 2021

Everyone’s excited to put 2020 behind us and start a new year. How can we ensure that 2021 is more productive and more prosperous for us as small business owners? One great way is to set business goals. Establishing goals keeps you focused, helping you prioritize the most noteworthy projects at the ideal times.

Discover our recommendations for 6 small business goals you can set in 2021 to help your business excel.

Establish your brand identity

If you and your team don’t have a clear vision of what your business stands for and how you want your customers to see you, it’s time to think about it. Think through every vertical of your business and establish the overarching goal that each department works hard each day to accomplish. Does this align with your intentions?

Once you have a clear idea of your brand’s purpose, it’s equally as important to decide how you want customers to view your brand. This includes the business as a whole, your products, and your employees.  Do you want to be purpose-driven, funny, quirky, authoritative? All of these factors determine who you are as a company inside and out.

Communicate your brand identity

The decision makers can talk about brand identity all they want, but this information must be clearly communicated to everyone in order to have meaning. Start with your employees, ensuring everyone understands how your brand should be portrayed. Have each employee give examples of how they will play a role in evoking the brand identity.

If all employees are onboard, the next part should occur naturally. Ensure that every public view into your brand is designed with your brand identity in mind. All products, press releases, marketing materials, even customer service emails and calls should show your customers who you are and what you stand for.

Define sales goals

Depicting your brand identity is vital, however businesses of course need to pay close attention to the bottom line as well. Not all businesses will be profitable right off the bat. In fact, most aren’t. Set sales goals with concrete metrics and completion dates to refine how you intend to grow your business. Use past years’ data to extrapolate. If you don’t have much background data, be sure to design both conservative and liberal goals.

Determine what you need to accomplish in the next 6 months, in order to hit your year-end goal, and your 5-year goal. Setting team-wide sales goals will set clear expectations and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Put your customers first

It’s important to hit your sales goals, and the easiest way to make those sales -think like your customers. Put them first. Be where your customers want you to be. And right now especially, that is online.

Introduce online appointment scheduling to make it extra easy for your customers to get up with you. Appointment booking platforms like FlexBooker help you organize your week, while providing a convenient platform for your customers to find you. FlexBooker can be set up in minutes, and will save you hours compared to back and forth emails and phone calls. Allow your customers the privilege to book appointments from your own website.

Get social

Today, social media is the name of the game. Whether you are a spa, tax accounting firm, or Covid vaccination site, at least three quarters of your customers are likely on social media. Even if your business doesn’t seem particularly “social”, try creating a few pages. There are many different styles of social media sites, so maybe Twitter will make the most sense for your business, or maybe you’ll want to run ads on FaceBook.

Social media is a great place to embrace your brand identity and show the world who you are and why they should care. It’s also a nice place to display your website, sell products, and introduce your appointment booking form.

Emphasize customer service

87% of customers who feel they had a positive experience with a brand say they are likely to return to that brand, according to CX Lead. There are many aspects related to a customer’s experience, with a vital one being customer service. Employees involved in customer service have the highest touch points with your customers, making them knowledgeable about your customer’s needs and desires. Utilize their awareness to gain vital insight into the customer experience.

Ensure your customer service team is a customer success team. These employees can be your biggest advocates. Give them the power to help your customer in a streamlined and productive manner. It costs a lot more to bring in a new customer than to keep a current one. And studies from Dimension Data even note that 84% of companies that prioritize customer experience secure an increase in revenue.

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